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Gk exam ready notes 16self-evaluation and facts

Some Points are hidden as part of quiz exercise. use mouse to highlight text and see the complete answer and self-evaluate
1.The Constitution of India has borrowed most of its provisions from the Constitutions of various countries as well as from the GOI Act, 1935. 2.Government of India Act 1935 - The Federal Scheme, Office of the Governor, Role of federal judiciary, Emergency provisions. 3.UK Constitution - Law making procedures, Parliamentary Government, Rule of Law, Single Citizenship, Cabinet System, Parliamentary Privileges and Bicameralism. 4.US Constitution - Fundamental Rights, Independent judiciary, Judicial review, Procedure for the removal of the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Role of Vice President. 5.Canadian Constitution - Federal system, Federation with strong centre, Residuary powers in the centre. 6.Irish Constitution - Directive Principles of State Policy, The method of the presidential election, Nominating members of Rajya Sabha. 7.Weimar Constitution of Germ…