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Gk exam ready notes 15self-evaluation and facts

Some Points are hidden as part of quiz exercise. use mouse to highlight text and see the complete answer and self-evaluate 1.Government of India Act 1935 was formulated by the Joint Committee chaired by Lord Linlithgow. The Committee comprised of both members of the House of Commons and House of Lords and representatives from British India and the princely states. 2.The Act provided for the establishment of the All India Federation consisting of the British Provinces and the Princely States. The joining of the Princely States was voluntary and as a result the federation did not come into existence. 3.The Dyarchy was introduced at the Centre (e.g. Department of Foreign Affairs and Defence were reserved for the Governor General). The other federal subjects were to be administered by the Governor General with the assistance and advice of a council of Ministers to be chosen by him. Residuary powers were to be with the Governor General only. 4.The Federal Legislature i.e. the Central Legislatu…