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English exercise K series

Anees Jung (1964) was born in Rourkelaand spent
her childhood and adolescence in Hyderabad. She
received her education in Hyderabad and in the
United States of America. Her parents were both writers.
Anees Jung began her career as a writer in India. She
has been an editor and columnist for major newspapers
in India and abroad, and has authored several books.
The following is an excerpt from her book titled Lost
Spring, Stories of Stolen Childhood. Here she analyses
the grinding poverty and traditions which condemn
these children to a life of exploitation.

Fill Here  blank and black space with suitable preposition,conjunction and form of verbs. There is some spelling mistakes and other mistakes too. after  rewriting above para gain, you can check it

to check , use left button to highlight paragraph or select text . In highlighted mode, read and check your brilliancy and mistakes too.

Hope this will be wonderful exercise for you?