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Exam Ready Notes History

Match the following:
Narmada Valley                                  The first big kingdom
Magadha                                               Hunting and gathering
Garo hills                                             Cities about 2500 years ago
Indus and its tributaries                        Early agriculture
Ganga Valley                                         The first cities

 the beginning of agriculture (8000 years ago)the first cities on the Indus (4700 years ago)cities in the Ganga valley, a big kingdom in Magadha (2500 years ago)the present (about 2000 AD/CE)the Mesolithic period (12,000-10,000 years ago)the beginning of the Neolithic (10,000 years ago) Rosetta is a town on the north coast of Egypt, and here an inscribed
stone was found, which contained inscriptions in three different languages
and scripts (Greek, and two forms of Egyptian). Scholars who could read
Greek figured out that the names of kings and queens were enclosed in a
little frame, called a…