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Exam ready Notes general knoeledge 03

Who Said -''The Philosophers must be this Kings" ?-PlatoKaveri is the longest river of- TamilnaduThe Ashoka Pillars are the masterpiece- The Mauryan ActThe Oil and Natural gas mission was setup in -the year 1956The first Indian woman to reach the South pole is- reena kaushalThe Attorney journal Of India is appointed by the president Of India Under -Article 76Golden handshake Scheme is related to- Voluntary Retirement The Shiva Temple at tanjavur was built by -rajaraja -The great Chola RulerSouth Asian Association for regional Cooperation has been established in-new DelhiNational Peoples Congress is the supreme legislative body of -ChinaMiao,Manchu,Zhuang,Tujia,Yi are the ethinic group found in-ChinaThe Basil D'├ôliveira Trophy is associated with -CricketThe sidereal revolution period of Moon in-27 days 7 hours 43 minutesThe Charted accountant act Passed in India in 1949Asko parpola is a world Famous and leading authority on- IndologySIMBEX is the name given to joint ex…

Geography Question 01

In Arunachal Pradesh ,the Sun rises 2h before it does at Dwarka in Gujrat..WhyIn India largest proportion of Intra-state migration belongs toIn terms of total energy generation in India the correct sequence in descending in India
Northern/Southern/Western/EasternWhich kind of forest do the tree shed their leaves during spring and early summerWhich is wrong combination and what is relation between combination of similars
Iran-PesoIron and steel production is obtained mainly from public sector plants because Kuppen's Anw type of climate prevails over Lahaul and Spiti districts are in which states.and has highest which kind of density of population
agriculture density
arithmatic density
physiological density
rural densityLargest extent of Equatorial forests is found in which river basinLatitude measures the angular distance.,expressed in degrees of a point on the earth surface in which direction  Life is possible on Earth Because of Longitude measures the angu…

GS quiz k01

What is ligamentA man weighing 100kg will consist --------------litre of water(approx range)A mature living cell without a nucleus is a what is a sieve cell,sieve tube,companion cell,vessel  which group of blood group is universal loner. what is universal donor blood group. Do you know reason behind it. A person suffering from beriberi should take which food.
Beriberi is deficiency of which vitamin .Some nature of this disease.A plant leaf appears to be green because it . What is pigment behind green leaf. A women receive X chromosome from which parent.... mother/father/both/noneAIDS caused by Activity of brain is recorded byAcupuncture is a medical system of treatment in whichATP full name is ?  It comes under which bio-moleculesWisdom teeth areWhich species are called invertebrates.enlist some in this class and some which are not in this classAnimal active at night are  diurnal/nocturnal/parasites/nocto-diurnal  An infectious disease caused by a spiral shaped bacterium ,spread mainl…

Exam Ready Notes- General Knowledge 02

The head quarters of the European Union are located at : BrusselsWhich Indian Atomic Plant is located into the IV seismic zone -Narora atomic plant (u\U.P)The Indian state which is called Ethopia of India because of excessive mal-nutrition :-Madhya pradeshThe 16th Biosphere reserve of India cold-desert lies in -Himachal pradeshAs per the educational development index (february 2011) ,the four top most states of india are -kerala ,Delhi,haryana ,PunjabThe scheme launched to provide free health care facilities to pregnant women and infants is- Janani Shishu Suraksha KaryakramIn the Union Budget 2011-12 the largest outlay has been allocated to- Energywho has been named for the prestigious  Man Booker prize for the year -2011  => phillip Rotth The winner of the Dada saheb falke award for the year 2010 is- K.BalchanderThe most primitive tribes of India are- Gonds and JarawasStrait of Dover connects - English channel and North SeaFirst dwarf rice variety developed in India was -IR8Centra…