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English Practice 01

Look at the following sentence from the story.
Suddenly a strong wind began to blow and along with the rain very large
hailstones began to fall.
‘Hailstones’ are small balls of ice that fall like rain. A storm in which
hailstones fall is a ‘hailstorm’. You know that a storm is bad weather with
strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning.
There are different names in different parts of the world for storms,
depending on their nature. Can you match the names in the box with
their descriptions below, and fill in the blanks? You may use a dictionary
to help you.
gale, whirlwind, cyclone,
hurricane, tornado, typhoon

1. A violent tropical storm in which strong winds move in a circle:
__ __ c __ __ __ __
2. An extremely strong wind : __ a __ __
3. A violent tropical storm with very strong winds : __ __ p __ __ __ __
4. A violent storm whose centre is a cloud in the shape of a funnel:
__ __ __ n __ __ __
5. A violent storm with very strong winds, especially in the western Atlantic
Ocean: __ __ r __ __ __ __ __ _…

BANK OF BARODA PROBATIONARY OFFICERS EXAM., 201 (Held on 13-3-2011) General Socio-Economic and Banking Awareness

1. Trade Ministers of Key WTO member countries including India held a meeting at Davos in Switzerland on January 29, 2011. which one of the following was lhe purpose of this meeting?
(A) Negotiations for free trade
(B) Negotiations to abolish Rest trictive Trade Practices
(C) Issues relating to agricult tural subsidies
(D) Negotiations for a global trade deal
(E) To include Pakistan and Iran as members
2. which one of the following advices has/have been given by leading Economists to Finance Minister during their pre-budget meeting with him?
1. To take measures to boost farm productivity only.
2. To improve supply of agric culuural products only.
3. To reduce the fiscal deficit only.

(A) Only 1 (B) Only 2
(C) Only3 (D) All  1,2and3
(E) Only 1 and 2

3. As per recent newspaper reports, which one of the following count tries has signed highest number of deals to get global project finance-??
(A) Australia (B) USA
(C) Saudi Arabia (D) Spain
(E) India

UGC-NET/JRF EXAMINATION 2010 History Paper-lll Unsolved

Note—This Paper is of two hundred marks containing four sections. Candidates are required to attempt the questions contained in these sections according to the detailed instructions given therein.
Note—This section consists of two essay type questions of twenty marks each, to be answered in about five hundred words each.
(2 x20=40 marks)
Q. 1. Do you think human evolution and development of Palaeolithic stone tools are complim eentary to each other?
How did royal women during the Mughal period negotiate for political space?

Gandhi restrained mass movements yet he retained his popularity among the masses. How would you explain this paradox? 

Q. 2. Did Ashoka use his Policy of Dhamma as an instrument to administer his Empire smoothly?
Asses the significance of overs seas trade in the economy of the Mughal empire.
what was more responsible for the downfall of the Maratha power— Internal strife or British aggression?


Madhya Pradesh MP PSC Prelim 2010 Public Admin Unsolved Part -01

1. Independent Regulatory Comm misiinn is called as—
(A) Island of Autonomy
(B) Arms of Congress
(C) Headless Branch of Govern- men t
(D) All of the above 

2. The Indian Institute of Public
Administration was established
on the recommendation of—
(A) Ayangar Committee
(B) Appleby Committee
(C) Assurance Committee
(D) Gorwala Committee 

3. ‘Spoil System’ in the United
States of America is contribution
(A) Roosevelt
(B) Woodrow Wilson
(C) George Washington
(D) None of the above 

4. The country which has position classification is—
(A) Canada (B) Philippines
(C) America (D) All of these
5. ‘Department’ in France implies—
(A) village Assembly
(B) District
(C) Central Secretariat
(D) Home Department
6. Civil Servants in America are appointed by—
(A) Recruitment Board
(B) Vigilance branch of white House
(C) Public Service Commission
(D) Office of Personnel Management

7. Which one of the following Prime
Ministers is remembere…