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Exam Ready Notes- General Knowledge 02

The head quarters of the European Union are located at : BrusselsWhich Indian Atomic Plant is located into the IV seismic zone -Narora atomic plant (u\U.P)The Indian state which is called Ethopia of India because of excessive mal-nutrition :-Madhya pradeshThe 16th Biosphere reserve of India cold-desert lies in -Himachal pradeshAs per the educational development index (february 2011) ,the four top most states of india are -kerala ,Delhi,haryana ,PunjabThe scheme launched to provide free health care facilities to pregnant women and infants is- Janani Shishu Suraksha KaryakramIn the Union Budget 2011-12 the largest outlay has been allocated to- Energywho has been named for the prestigious  Man Booker prize for the year -2011  => phillip Rotth The winner of the Dada saheb falke award for the year 2010 is- K.BalchanderThe most primitive tribes of India are- Gonds and JarawasStrait of Dover connects - English channel and North SeaFirst dwarf rice variety developed in India was -IR8Centra…

Combined Graduate Level Examination Tier II Exam

Combined Graduate Level Examination Tier II Exam
(English Paper - 2010) 1. To pin one’s faith-
(a) To be sure of some body’s favour (b) To be unsure of favour
(c) To bother for friends
(d) To bother for one’s relatives
2. To play fast and loose
(a) To be undependable
(b) To cheat people . (c) To hurt some body’s feelings· (d) To trust others
3 To play on a fiddle-
(a) To play an important role
(b) To play upon a musical instrument (c) To be busy over trifles
(d) To be busy over important matter
4. Alma Mater-
(a) Mother’s milk
(b) Mother’s concern for the child
(c) The learning that one receives from mother
(cl) Institution where one receives education
5. To be on the apex
(a) To scale a peak
(b) To be at the highest point
(c) To punish somebody
(d) To beat somebody
6. At one’s beck and call
(a) To climb the back
(b) To call from behind
(c) To be always at one’s service or command
(d) Not to care for anybody
7. At one’s wit’s end-
(a Completely confused
(b) To be very witty
(c) To have no sens…

Exam Ready Notes : Brief About SAARC

We, the Heads of State or Government of BANGLADESH, BHUTAN, INDIA, MALDIVES, NEPAL, PAKISTAN and SRI LANKA; 1. Desirous of promoting peace, stability, amity and progress in the region through strict adherence to the principles of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER and NON-ALIGNMENT, particularly respect for the principles of sovereign equality, territorial integrity, national independence, non-use of force and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States and peaceful settlement of all disputes; 2. Conscious that in an increasingly interdependent world, the objectives of peace, freedom, social justice and economic prosperity are best achieved in the SOUTH ASIAN region by fostering mutual understanding, good neighbourly relations and meaningful cooperation among the Member States which are bound by ties of history and culture; 3. Aware of the common problems, interests and aspirations of the peoples of SOUTH ASIA and the need for joint action and enhanced cooperation withi…