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A synthetic fibre is also a chain of smallunitsjoinedtogether.Eachsmall unit is actually a chemical substance. Manysuchsmallunitscombinetoform alargesingleunitcalledapolymer.The word ‘polymer’ comes from two Greek words;polymeaning manyand mer meaningpart/unit.So,apolymerismade ofmanyrepeatingunits.Polymers occur in nature also. Cotton, for example, is a polymer called cellulose. Cellulose is made up of a largenumberofglucoseunitsRayon : Nylon isanotherman-madefibre.In 1931, it was made without using any natural raw material (from plant or animal).Itwaspreparedfromcoal,water and air. It was the first fully synthetic fibre. Nylon fibre was strong, elastic and light.Itwaslustrousandeasytowash. So, it became very popular for making clothes.Polyeste

Exam Ready Notes General knowledge 01

Al Sadd is a football club of- QatarInternational Anti-corruption Day is observed on - December 09Ras Laffan Industry City in qatar is known across the world for production and export of- Liquified Natural Gas The Winner of Nobel prize 2011 in Chemistry was -Daniel ShectmanYingluck Shinawatra is the First woman prime minister of -ThailandThe first Indian State to pass Lokayukta Bill 2011 in Nov 2011 is- UttrakhandNEFT stands for -National Electronic Funds Transfer systemThe multidimensional poverty index of united nations development programme includes
-10 indicators
The committee setup by reserve Bank of India to give suggestions on the Micro-finance sector is- Y.H.MalegamHariyali is the programme assocated with - A programme of support for watershed managementThe framing of the Constitution of India was completed by- Nov 26,1949The constitution of India provides for an election commission under - Article 324In a parliamentary  system of the government- legislature controls executiveB…

Exam Ready Notes Sports 01

The Winner of Thailand Open tennis Champainship this year is : Andy MurrySalt Lake Statdium in Kolkata is associated with -FootballThe world Famous Athlete Patrik Makau belongs to- kenyaWIPSA competitions are associated with -SquashThe highest Paid formula one race driver is - Fernando AlonsoRonjan Sodhi recently defended his- Double Trap gold medal in world cup finalThe Frank Worrel trophy is associated with -CricketThe terms blocking carrying ,dribbling and held ball are all associated with -BasketballThe sport of polo originated in - Ancient persia (Now Iran)Table tennis is the national game of - ChinaBlunt ,Bodkin point ,Bolt,Arm Guard are the terms used in -archeryDavis cup is assocated with-lawn tennisEisenhower Cup is related to- GolfRugby is the national game of -new ZealandWang Yihan is the famous player of- BadmintonThe first Indian Cricket player who scored a magnificent 184 and scalped five for 196 against England at lords in 1952 was - Vinoo makkadThe first Cricketer to t…