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Exam Ready Notes India and World geography 01

which planet is known as blue planet :=>EarthThe distance of the Sun from the Earth is => 149.6 million Kilometer ApproxThe Number of Satellite of Jupiter =>The largest planet of Solar system is -64Galapagos Island is located in => The Pacific OceanThe first man who landed on the Moon by July 21,1969 is =>Neil ArmstrongSwamaSiri ,Manas,Tista,Dikho and Jhanji rivers are the tributaries of -Brahanputra RiverNational Highway No 8 connects : Delhi and MumbaiSingrauli coalfields are located in -Son valleyThe Binary Star Hypothesis regarding the origin of the Earth was Propounded By - H.N.RusselThe Power Plant at Manikaran based on geothermal energy is located in the state of - Himachal PradeshLushais tribes are the inhabitants of -MizoramThe old name of Tanzania is - TangankiyaThe Russian City known for metallurgical and machine building is -TulaNagoya ,Osaka and Kobe are the major industrial cities of - JapanSir Creek forms the boundary between Gujrat and - Sind(Pakistan)Ka…

Exam ready Notes Indian Economy 01

As per the quarterly estimates(July-Sept 2011) the Gross Domestic Product of Indai(at 2004-05 prices ) for the 2011 stands at - Rs 11,48,472 croreAs per the Mid-quarter Policy Review by reserve bank of India
  Repo rate remains at - 8.5 %The Main theme of Human Development Report 2011 is -Sustainability and EquityAs Per the Human Development Report 2011 ,
the per capita Gross national Income In India stood at - Rs 3468 for year 2011 Trade deficit In India was registered at a four year high of - $19.6 billion in October 2011Non-Resident Inday Day is observed on - jan 9IIP stands for- Index of Industrial ProductionAs per the Global Hunger Index 2011 ,India's rank in global hunger is -67thIndia's Indra Nooyi(Chair-person of PepsiCo) stands in
Fortunes magazines most powerful women list at - Second rankA recent meeting of inter-ministerial group presided over by the Prime minister has dcide to maintain 100% FDI in -Pharmaceutical Sector Which bank celebrated its platinum Jubilee ye…

Exam Ready Series Indian History 01

Nadir Shah invaded India and indulged in loot and large scale massacre of people in -1739with the annexation of lower Sindh ,the whole of Sindhi was subjected by Muhammad Ghur in -The Year 1182 ADUnder Harshvardhan in the seventh century AD the centre of political gravity in India shifted from Magadh to - KannaujThe first notable Paramara ruler of Malwa was - Vakpati GuptaThe composer of Gita Govinda was -JayadevaWhich Mughal emperor died in 1707- AurangzebBy uniting Utkal and Kalinga who is credited with laying the foundation of modern Odisha(formerly Orissa) - AnantavarmanTHe Most glorious epoch in chola history commenced with accession of - Rajaraja the Great (985-1014)Rajaraja the Great built -The Brihadeshwara temple at Thanjavur Which Delhi sultan laid down the theory of kingship- Ghiyasuddin BalbanRuins of which places/cities represent the old capital of Vijaynagar -HampiWho were responsible for the creation of Ratha monuments at mamallapuram-PallavasThe First Trade union was f…

Exam Ready Notes Indian Freedom Movement 01

The Announcement of 'Communal Award ' by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald was made on - August 16,1932The Period between 1885-1905 is commonly known as period of - moderate NationalismWho words are these - 'I am very happy that Congress is going downhill '  ion in London
- Lord ElginWho founded Satya Sodhak Samaj - Jyotiba Phulein 1866 ,Dadabhai Naoroji established -East India Association in londonLord Lytton held Delhi Durbar in -year 1877The First Session of the Congress was held on Dec 28 1885 in - The building of Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College (Bombay)'New Lamp for Old' was a series of articles published in1893 by - Sri Aurobindo GhoshWho Said - "You do not realise how strong the government is,if the congress challanges the government would finish it in five minutes "  -- Gopal krishna GokhleSwami Vivekanad attended and addressed the world parliament of Religion in Chicago in --1893Which Country became the main centre of Gadar Movement - T…

Exam Ready Notes Indian Polity - 01

which state passed first the panchayti Raj Act  after 73rd constitutional  amendment Act in 1992   -  KarnatakaIn which state was first non-congress government formed in
Independent history of India - Kerala (By E M S Namboodiripad in1957)
The first leader of Opposition recognised by the Lok-sabha was - Y B ChavanThe provision of 'vote on account' has been mentioned in Article 116Who was the first woman judge of Supreme Court - Fatima BiwiArticle 17 of the Constitution of  India lays down the provision of abolition
of -Untouchability
In which Schedule to the constitution of India are the forms of oaths
or affirmations enshrined  -Third Schedule
In Which part of the constitution is 'The Panchayat '  included -part IXwhich article of the Constitution provides for the authoritative Text  of Constitution  of India in Hindi Language - Article 394-AAt Present the governor's salary stands at - Rs 110000 per monththe president of India can only ratify(that is ,cannot reject o…