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POLITICAL SCIENCE question paper (unsolved)

1. During the Radical Humanist Phase
M.N. Roy advocated
(A) BiParty System
(B) Single Party System
(C) Partyless System
(D) Multi Party System
2. In his book “The Untouchable”
Ambedkar gave the following theory
for the origin of the untouchable :
(A) Radical Theory
(B) Occupational Theory
(C) Buddhist Origin of
(D) Ethnic Theory
3. Saint Augustine “The City of God”
was considered as the first book on
(A) Philosophy of Religion
(B) Comparative Philosophy
(C) Philosophy of History
(D) Philosophy of Christianity
4. Who condemned Natural Rights as
an invention of Fantasy ?
(A) Locke (B) Bentham
(C) Rousseau (D) J.S. Mill
5. Which theory suggest the minor
adjustments within the capitalist
system to save the individual’s
liberty ?
(A) Functionalism
(B) System’s Theory
(C) Liberal-Individual Theory
(D) Social Contract Theory
6. Who insisted that type of
Government depended on economic
and geographic factors ?
(A) Jean Bodin (B) Plato
(C) Cicero (D) Machiavelli
7. “With Satyagraha combined with
Ahimsa, you will b…

what are requisite condition for tornado

what are requisite condition for tornado ( extended answer  IFS GK 2011)
 ( answer is extended with related concepts  get your concept  wisely)
Typhoon, Hurricane and Cyclone: Pre-requisites for Formation

A hurricane, a typhoon or a cyclone are all cyclical tropical storms which originate in the oceans, from 10 to 30 degrees away from the equator. The following weather conditions may give rise to a cyclone, hurricane or a typhoon.
A low pressure belt formed over the oceanA rise in the temperature of the ocean water above 26.5 degrees CelsiusPresence of high velocity winds of at least 119 Km per hour. When a low pressure belt is formed over the ocean, moist air, replete with water vapors, rises up from the warm ocean waters. These water vapors condense high up in the air, thereby producing a lot of heat. The powerful winds then eat into this heat, thus producing a circular wind system with a warm core. This circular wind system is known as either a typhoon, a hurricane or a cyclo…

examination ready series Do You Know

DO you know about

Regulatory StatesAvain FluNebulaePolar Wandering
True polar wander is a solid-body rotation of a planet or moon with respect to its spin axis, causing the geographic locations of the North and South Poles to change, or "wander". In a stable state, the largest moments of inertia axis is aligned with the spin axis, with the smaller two moment of inertia axes lying in the plane of the equator. When this is not the case, true polar wander will occur: the planet or moon will rotate as a rigid body to realign the largest moment of inertia axis with the spin axisReverse Brain Drain
Reverse brain drain , which refers to the migration issue, whereby human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed countryTreeline
The tree line is the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing. Beyond the tree line, they are unable to grow because of inappropriate environmental conditions (usually cold temperatures or lack of mois…