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Friday, March 2, 2012

GS quiz k01

  1. What is ligament
  2. A man weighing 100kg will consist --------------litre of water(approx range)
  3. A mature living cell without a nucleus is a 
  4. what is a sieve cell,sieve tube,companion cell,vessel 
  5.  which group of blood group is universal loner. what is universal donor blood group. Do you know reason behind it. 
  6. A person suffering from beriberi should take which food.
    Beriberi is deficiency of which vitamin .Some nature of this disease.
  7. A plant leaf appears to be green because it . What is pigment behind green leaf.
  8. A women receive X chromosome from which parent.... mother/father/both/none
  9. AIDS caused by 
  10. Activity of brain is recorded by
  11. Acupuncture is a medical system of treatment in which
  12. ATP full name is ?  It comes under which bio-molecules
  13. Wisdom teeth are
  14. Which species are called invertebrates.enlist some in this class and some which are not in this class
  15. Animal active at night are  diurnal/nocturnal/parasites/nocto-diurnal 
  16. An infectious disease caused by a spiral shaped bacterium ,spread mainly by sexual
    syphillis /AIDS/Cancer/Tuberculosis
  17. Bacteriateria reproduce themselves by which method...
  18. Banana fruits Contains mainly which nutrients
  19. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to presence of  :
    do you know hemoglobin,heparin,fibrin,plasma
  20. Blood hemoglobin have high affinity for   CO2,O2,H,CO
Answer will be explained aftersome. Note it and discuss it. it will be better....

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