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Friday, March 2, 2012

Exam ready Notes general knoeledge 03

  1. Who Said -''The Philosophers must be this Kings" ?-Plato
  2. Kaveri is the longest river of- Tamilnadu
  3. The Ashoka Pillars are the masterpiece- The Mauryan Act
  4. The Oil and Natural gas mission was setup in -the year 1956
  5. The first Indian woman to reach the South pole is- reena kaushal
  6. The Attorney journal Of India is appointed by the president Of India Under -Article 76
  7. Golden handshake Scheme is related to- Voluntary Retirement 
  8. The Shiva Temple at tanjavur was built by -rajaraja -The great Chola Ruler
  9. South Asian Association for regional Cooperation has been established in-new Delhi
  10. National Peoples Congress is the supreme legislative body of -China
  11. Miao,Manchu,Zhuang,Tujia,Yi are the ethinic group found in-China
  12. The Basil D'Óliveira Trophy is associated with -Cricket
  13. The sidereal revolution period of Moon in-27 days 7 hours 43 minutes
  14. The Charted accountant act Passed in India in 1949
  15. Asko parpola is a world Famous and leading authority on- Indology
  16. SIMBEX is the name given to joint exercise between the navy of India and that of- Singapore
  17. OSDD stands for -Open Source drug Discovery
  18. Harsh manglik is the famous name associated with-Information Technology Industry
  19. The opening up of Direct Communication between the prime-minister of two countries is called-HOT LINE
  20. BRICS stands for- Brazil ,Russia,India,China,South Africa
  21. IBSA stands for -India,Brazil,South Africa
  22. Aadhar identifying the citizens on the basis of their biometrices has- 12 digit Unique identification Number
  23. NMIZ stands for-national Manufacturing and Investment Zone
  24. Richard karlberg is assocated with -Golf
  25. Man is by nature a political Animal  is the statement of- Aristotle
  26. Whose statement is this - Political Action is the highest responsibility of Youth of National- john F.kennedy
  27. Operation flood was launched in 1970 to increase  -Milk
  28. The chemical name of Vitamin E is -Tocopherol

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