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Exam Ready Notes Sports 01

  1. The Winner of Thailand Open tennis Champainship this year is : Andy Murry
  2. Salt Lake Statdium in Kolkata is associated with -Football
  3. The world Famous Athlete Patrik Makau belongs to- kenya
  4. WIPSA competitions are associated with -Squash
  5. The highest Paid formula one race driver is - Fernando Alonso
  6. Ronjan Sodhi recently defended his- Double Trap gold medal in world cup final
  7. The Frank Worrel trophy is associated with -Cricket
  8. The terms blocking carrying ,dribbling and held ball are all associated with -Basketball
  9. The sport of polo originated in - Ancient persia (Now Iran)
  10. Table tennis is the national game of - China
  11. Blunt ,Bodkin point ,Bolt,Arm Guard are the terms used in -archery
  12. Davis cup is assocated with-lawn tennis
  13. Eisenhower Cup is related to- Golf
  14. Rugby is the national game of -new Zealand
  15. Wang Yihan is the famous player of- Badminton
  16. The first Indian Cricket player who scored a magnificent 184 and scalped five for 196 against England at lords in 1952 was - Vinoo makkad
  17. The first Cricketer to take 500 catches in test Cricket is -mark Voucher
  18. Which country clinched Lal bahadur Shastri Under 21 title of Hockey recently-Germany
  19. Rink is the play ground of Skating
  20. The Conccacaf Gold Cup is associated with - Football
  21. Who made 673 runs in 2003 cricket world cup- Sachin tendulkar
  22. Who was honoured with BCCI C.K.Naydu Lifetime Achievement award in 2010- Salim Durani
  23. Caddle,Dormy ,Fairway and Bogey are the terms associated with- Golf
  24. Nicole David is world famous player of- Squash
  25. Who is considered as father of Judo- Jigoro kano
  26. The measurement of Goal post in hockey= 12ft wide and 7ft high set on centre of end lines
  27. At the Double  is autobiography of- Richard hadlee
  28. whee was the game of snooker originated- India


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