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Friday, February 24, 2012

Exam Ready Notes Science and Technology 01

  1. An organism involved in the fermentation of toddy is - Saccharomyces
  2. Litmus -the acid base indicator is obtained from- Lichen
  3. Phenol is used in the manufacturing of -Bakellite ( It is Plastic)
  4. The pulse is the human wrist beats - at the same rate as the heart
  5. The Human organ which is responsible for detoxification of alcohol is -Lever
  6. A geostationary satellite has a period of -24 hours
  7. the concept of expanding universe is based on -Doppler effect
  8. Angstrom is the unit for measurement of - wavelength of light 
  9. The synthetic radioactive isotope of cobalt used in the treatment of cancer deep inside the body is - Cobalt-60
  10.  The first cloned adult animal is- Dolly
  11. The first weather satellite was- Tiros( launched on april 1 ,1960)
  12. The headquarters of World Meteorological organization
    (WMO) is located in -Geneva(switzerland) 
  13. Biological warfare organisms are - Bacteria and Viruses
  14. Who invented electric battries - Allesandro volta
  15.  Radar stands for- Radio ,Angle,Direction and range
  16. In-vitro fertilisation was developed/discovered by - Robert Edwards
  17. The Study of plant and animal tissues is called Histology
  18. The instrument used to trace heart movements is called -cardiograph
  19. Humans can bear about-120 decibels of sound
  20. Aluminium can be purified by : Electrolysis
  21. What is the reason for twinkling of stars ?- Atmospheric Reflection
  22. The disease 'Scurvey' is caused due to the deficiency of- Vitamin C
  23. Narinder Kapany invented -Optical fibre
  24. The atomic energy commission In India was established in -year 1948
  25. Nanotechnology uses structures of the size of - 10 angostrum
  26. Sour taste of Coca-cola is due to -Phosphoric acid
  27. Impure camphor is purified by- sublimation ( conversion of solid into gas upon heating without intermediate liquid phase)
  28. World diabetes day is observed on -June 27

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