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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exam Ready Notes Indian Freedom Movement 01

  1. The Announcement of 'Communal Award ' by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald was made on - August 16,1932
  2. The Period between 1885-1905 is commonly known as period of - moderate Nationalism
  3. Who words are these - 'I am very happy that Congress is going downhill '  ion in London
    - Lord Elgin
  4. Who founded Satya Sodhak Samaj - Jyotiba Phule
  5. in 1866 ,Dadabhai Naoroji established -East India Association in london
  6. Lord Lytton held Delhi Durbar in -year 1877
  7. The First Session of the Congress was held on Dec 28 1885 in - The building of Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College (Bombay)
  8. 'New Lamp for Old' was a series of articles published in1893 by - Sri Aurobindo Ghosh
  9. Who Said - "You do not realise how strong the government is,if the congress challanges the government would finish it in five minutes "  -- Gopal krishna Gokhle
  10. Swami Vivekanad attended and addressed the world parliament of Religion in Chicago in --1893
  11. Which Country became the main centre of Gadar Movement - The United States of Amera
  12. The Newspaper 'Yugantar '  was started in the year 1906 by   - Barindra kumar Ghose and Bhupindra Dutta
  13. Ganesh Savarkar and Anant Kanhare were associated with -Nasik Conspiracy
  14. In 1903 ,Andrew Frazer became -The Lieutenant Governor of Bengal
  15. Who made the Statement "I am with you wholeheartedly and in terms of culture also i am one of you "- Annie Besant
  16. In the year 1905 ,the Servants of India Society was established by - Gopal krishna Gokhle
  17. The leader of the revolution 1857 in Assam was Diwan Maniram Dutta
  18. Who called the movement of Gandhi jee as political blackmail - lord Linlithgow
  19. The Hos Tribal uprising tool place against the britishers in - Chhotanagpur plateau 1831
  20. who formed the Radical Democratic Party in the year 1940 - MN roy
  21. The President of Surat Session of Indian National Congress was - Ras Bihari Ghosh
  22. The Third Round Table conference was held from - nov 17 to Dec 24 ,1932
  23. Whose words are these -"Every blow on my body will prove a nail in the coffin of British Empire"- Lala Lajpat Rai
  24. The prominent leaders who were associated with the formation of the swaraj party in 1923 included -Deshbandhu Chittranjan Das and Motilal Nehru
  25. Which Commission constituted by the British Government was called 'White Men Commission'- The Simon Commission 1927
  26. The revolutionaries who were hanged on the charges of Kakori Conspiracy in December 1927  were -- Ashfaqullah Khan,Ram Prasad Bismil,Roshan Singh and Rajendra Singh lahiri
  27. Who brought Out the paper 'The Comrade in 1912'- Mohammad Ali
  28. Mahatma Gandhi's Plan to launch Non-corporation movement was approved by Indian national Congress in a special session at -Calcutta(Kolkata) in Dec 1920
  29. Khilafat Committee was formed in- September 1919
  30. Which year is associated with Kheda Satyagraha of mahatma Gandhi - year 1918
  31. Gandhiji recorded his initial movement i  1909 in- Hind Swaraj

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