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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exam ready Notes Indian Economy 01

  1. As per the quarterly estimates(July-Sept 2011) the Gross Domestic Product of Indai(at 2004-05 prices ) for the 2011 stands at - Rs 11,48,472 crore
  2. As per the Mid-quarter Policy Review by reserve bank of India
      Repo rate remains at - 8.5 %
  3. The Main theme of Human Development Report 2011 is -Sustainability and Equity
  4. As Per the Human Development Report 2011 ,
    the per capita Gross national Income In India stood at - Rs 3468 for year 2011
  5.  Trade deficit In India was registered at a four year high of - $19.6 billion in October 2011
  6. Non-Resident Inday Day is observed on - jan 9
  7. IIP stands for- Index of Industrial Production
  8. As per the Global Hunger Index 2011 ,India's rank in global hunger is -67th
  9. India's Indra Nooyi(Chair-person of PepsiCo) stands in
    Fortunes magazines most powerful women list at - Second rank
  10. A recent meeting of inter-ministerial group presided over by the Prime minister has dcide to maintain 100% FDI in -Pharmaceutical Sector
  11.  Which bank celebrated its platinum Jubilee year in 2009-10 - Reserve Bank of India
  12. Consumer Protection Act(COPRA) was enacted in the year-1986
  13. The Government of India made Rolling plan for the period- 1978-1983
  14. The Industrial Development Bank of India is the apex organization of  - Industrial finance in India
  15. The Idea of establishing Insurance regulation authority was suggested by - Malhotra Committee
  16. The idea of establishing Insurance regulation authority was suggested by  Malhotra committee
  17. The fifth five year plan (1974-79)  targeted an annual growth rate of - 5.5% in national Income
  18. In the constitution of India ,the budget has been mentioned as -Financial Statement
  19. Which is the first bank from India which opened its branch in China?-State Bank Of India
  20. Which five year Plan registered actual growth rate of 6.68% - Eighth Five year Plan(1992-1997)ukadi Irrigation Project is located in -Maharastra
  21. The Percentage of World's production of horticulture crops India accounts -  26.9%
  22. National Bamboo Mission commenced in - The year 2006-07
  23. September 25,2001 is associated with the begining of -Sampoorna Grameen rojgar  yojana
  24.  Foriegn Exchange Regulation act (FERA) first passed in 1973 has been replaced by  
    -- Foriegn Exchange Management Act (FEMA) in Dec 1999
  25. Industrial Sectoral contribution in India's GDP has been estimated at - 28% for 2010-11
  26. As per fifth economic census 2005 the state which has the maximum number of enterprises in India is - Tamilnadu( 44.47%)

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