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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exam Ready Notes India and World geography 01

  1. which planet is known as blue planet :=>Earth
  2. The distance of the Sun from the Earth is => 149.6 million Kilometer Approx
  3. The Number of Satellite of Jupiter =>The largest planet of Solar system is -64
  4. Galapagos Island is located in => The Pacific Ocean
  5. The first man who landed on the Moon by July 21,1969 is =>Neil Armstrong
  6. SwamaSiri ,Manas,Tista,Dikho and Jhanji rivers are the tributaries of -Brahanputra River
  7. National Highway No 8 connects : Delhi and Mumbai
  8. Singrauli coalfields are located in -Son valley
  9. The Binary Star Hypothesis regarding the origin of the Earth was Propounded By - H.N.Russel
  10. The Power Plant at Manikaran based on geothermal energy is located in the state of - Himachal Pradesh
  11. Lushais tribes are the inhabitants of -Mizoram
  12. The old name of Tanzania is - Tangankiya
  13. The Russian City known for metallurgical and machine building is -Tula
  14. Nagoya ,Osaka and Kobe are the major industrial cities of - Japan
  15. Sir Creek forms the boundary between Gujrat and - Sind(Pakistan)
  16. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctury is located in - Bihar
  17. The Stream which captures the headwaters of other streams is known as - Captor stream
  18. Lguazu Falls are located in -Argentina
  19. Koyna ,Ghatprabha ,Malprabha ,Bhima ,tungbhadra ,Musi and Muneru are tributiries of - Krishna River
  20. Where is the national institute of Ocean technlogy located - Chennai
  21. About Three-fourth of the globe is covered by - Hydrosphere
  22. The Closed Circulation pattern of Current flows in the ocean is called -Gyre
  23. Warm ,dry and Sandy winds in the western Sahara is called- Harmattan
  24. The Force Which is Located on the river Nile is - Alexandria
  25. Which is the brightest planet of Solar system- Venus
  26. Commonwealth of Nation was established in the year -1920
  27. The First ever artificial Satellite Sputnik I was launched on - October 4, 1957
  28. Which was the first communication satellite - Score launched in 1958 from Cape Canaveral(USA)
  29. La Guardia Airport is located in - new york
  30. Volga river falls into - Caspian Sea
  31. The force which deflects the direction of surface winds is called - Coriolis force

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