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Exam Ready Notes- General Knowledge 02

  1. The head quarters of the European Union are located at : Brussels
  2. Which Indian Atomic Plant is located into the IV seismic zone -Narora atomic plant (u\U.P)
  3. The Indian state which is called Ethopia of India because of excessive mal-nutrition :-Madhya pradesh
  4. The 16th Biosphere reserve of India cold-desert lies in -Himachal pradesh
  5. As per the educational development index (february 2011) ,the four top most states of india are -kerala ,Delhi,haryana ,Punjab
  6. The scheme launched to provide free health care facilities to pregnant women and infants is- Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram
  7. In the Union Budget 2011-12 the largest outlay has been allocated to- Energy
  8. who has been named for the prestigious  Man Booker prize for the year -2011  => phillip Rotth
  9.  The winner of the Dada saheb falke award for the year 2010 is- K.Balchander
  10. The most primitive tribes of India are- Gonds and Jarawas
  11. Strait of Dover connects - English channel and North Sea
  12. First dwarf rice variety developed in India was -IR8
  13. Central Institute of subtropical horticulture is located at -Lucknow
  14. The fourth United nations Conference on the world's least developed Countries was held in-Istambul
  15. Kisan Day is observed on-23rd December
  16. Pink revolution is related to -Onion production
  17. Sankhya Philosophy is propounded by-Kapil
  18. The indian saint of medeviel India who bas born at Prayag - Ramanand
  19. Who is Known as Light of asia -Gautam Budha
  20. The adoption of high yieldng variety programme in Indian agriculture started in- 1966
  21. The Book "Great soul :Mahatma Gandhi  and His struggle with India  " is authored by:- Joseph Lelyveld
  22. Rusting of Iron requires - Oxygen and Water
  23. The operation which was asociated with the killing of Osama bin laden was -operation Geromino
  24. The total number of Bones in our body is- 206
  25. Who translated Ramayana Into persian - Abul fazal
  26. who said "Action is eloquence": William Shakespere
  27. "Before God we are equally wise and equally fullish "- Albert Einstien


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13.1 Introduction

13.2 Initiatives towards Constitutional Status to Local Governance

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After studying this Unit you should be able to:

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1.1 Introduction

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After studying this unit, you should be able to:

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