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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exam Ready Notes General knowledge 01

  1. Al Sadd is a football club of- Qatar
  2. International Anti-corruption Day is observed on - December 09
  3. Ras Laffan Industry City in qatar is known across the world for production and export of- Liquified Natural Gas 
  4. The Winner of Nobel prize 2011 in Chemistry was -Daniel Shectman
  5. Yingluck Shinawatra is the First woman prime minister of -Thailand
  6. The first Indian State to pass Lokayukta Bill 2011 in Nov 2011 is- Uttrakhand
  7. NEFT stands for -National Electronic Funds Transfer system
  8. The multidimensional poverty index of united nations development programme includes
    -10 indicators
  9. The committee setup by reserve Bank of India to give suggestions on the Micro-finance sector is- Y.H.Malegam
  10. Hariyali is the programme assocated with - A programme of support for watershed management
  11. The framing of the Constitution of India was completed by- Nov 26,1949
  12. The constitution of India provides for an election commission under - Article 324
  13. In a parliamentary  system of the government- legislature controls executive
  14. Buckminster Fullurence is - a Form of carbon compound clusters
  15. Auxanometer is used to measure the rate of -growth of Plants
  16. Red ribbon Express is a visual and moving medium for- Awareness about AIDS
  17. The scheme Swabhiman is associated with - Opening 5 crore no frills accounts in over 73000 vlages by march 2012
  18. Open sky Scheme is an expert promotion Scheme of- Civil Avaition Ministry
  19. Food-safety and standards act 206 came into effect on- aug 5,2011
  20. The sukhoi ,the fifth generation Stealth fighter is being jointly developed by- Russia and india
  21. The first women jawan of Indian army- Rohinton Nariman
  22. The late Wwangri Mathai  World's renowned environmentalis belongs to -Kenya
  23. Which award is considered equivalent to Nobel Prize of Asia- The Ramon Magsaysay awars
  24. In 1766 Indian Postal system was established by- Lord Clive
  25. The first regular decadal census in India was undertaken in - year 1881

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