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Exam Ready Notes General knowledge 01

  1. Al Sadd is a football club of- Qatar
  2. International Anti-corruption Day is observed on - December 09
  3. Ras Laffan Industry City in qatar is known across the world for production and export of- Liquified Natural Gas 
  4. The Winner of Nobel prize 2011 in Chemistry was -Daniel Shectman
  5. Yingluck Shinawatra is the First woman prime minister of -Thailand
  6. The first Indian State to pass Lokayukta Bill 2011 in Nov 2011 is- Uttrakhand
  7. NEFT stands for -National Electronic Funds Transfer system
  8. The multidimensional poverty index of united nations development programme includes
    -10 indicators
  9. The committee setup by reserve Bank of India to give suggestions on the Micro-finance sector is- Y.H.Malegam
  10. Hariyali is the programme assocated with - A programme of support for watershed management
  11. The framing of the Constitution of India was completed by- Nov 26,1949
  12. The constitution of India provides for an election commission under - Article 324
  13. In a parliamentary  system of the government- legislature controls executive
  14. Buckminster Fullurence is - a Form of carbon compound clusters
  15. Auxanometer is used to measure the rate of -growth of Plants
  16. Red ribbon Express is a visual and moving medium for- Awareness about AIDS
  17. The scheme Swabhiman is associated with - Opening 5 crore no frills accounts in over 73000 vlages by march 2012
  18. Open sky Scheme is an expert promotion Scheme of- Civil Avaition Ministry
  19. Food-safety and standards act 206 came into effect on- aug 5,2011
  20. The sukhoi ,the fifth generation Stealth fighter is being jointly developed by- Russia and india
  21. The first women jawan of Indian army- Rohinton Nariman
  22. The late Wwangri Mathai  World's renowned environmentalis belongs to -Kenya
  23. Which award is considered equivalent to Nobel Prize of Asia- The Ramon Magsaysay awars
  24. In 1766 Indian Postal system was established by- Lord Clive
  25. The first regular decadal census in India was undertaken in - year 1881


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13.0 Learning Outcome

13.1 Introduction

13.2 Initiatives towards Constitutional Status to Local Governance

13.2.1 Features of 73rd Constitutional Amendment

13.2.2 Features of 74th Constitutional Amendment

13.2.3 Decentralised Planning in Context of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act

13.3 Initiatives after Economic Reforms

13.4 Functioning of PRIs in Various States after 73rd Amendment

13.5 Functioning of Local Governance after 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment: Observations

13.6 Conclusion

13.7 Key Concepts

13.8 References and Further Reading

13.9 Activities


After studying this Unit you should be able to:

• Identify the background of revitalisation of local governance;

• Understand the features of 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment;

• Discuss the initiatives after economic reforms; and

• Outlines the functioning of local governance in various states after the amendment.


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1.1 Introduction

1.2 Concept of Democratic Decentralisation

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1.4 Significance of Democratic Decentralisation

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1.7 Key concepts

1.8 References and Further Reading

1.9 Activities


After studying this unit, you should be able to:

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• Know the evolution and significance of Democratic Decentralization; and

• Describe the Democratic Decentralization pattern in India.


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