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Friday, February 24, 2012

Exam Ready Notes Agriculture and Forestry 01

  1. ARIS stands for : Agriculture resource information system
  2. Central institute of Horticulture is located in- Medziphema(Nagaland)
  3. Cash crops in India include-Cotton and sugarcane
  4. The plant that bears seeds but not fruit is : Eucalyptus
  5.  The spice clove is obtained from -flower buds
  6. In the year 2008-09 agriculture and allied activities contributed - 17.1% of Gross Domestic Product
  7. Fertilizer Control Order(FCO) was issued under -Essential Commodities act 1955
  8. Ginger is a stem and not a root because it has - nodes and inter-nodes
  9. The number of acknowledged indigenious breeds of cattle India possess is - 27
  10. NFSA stands for - National Food Security Act
  11. Coarse cereals include- jawar,bajra,maize,ragi and small millets
  12. Under the wheat action plan acreage is to be increased by - 1.4 million hectares
  13. The main food crop of India is -Rice
  14. The total credit flow to agriculture during 2010-11 stood at - Rs 4,26,531
  15. The Major states of India which account 96% of total production of tea are - Assam ,West bengal,Tamilnadu,Kerala
  16. Per capita availability of milk in India in 1950-51 was 124 gm/day which rose to - 263gm/day in 209-10
  17. AIBP stands for - Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme
  18. Nitrogenous fertilizers accounts about- 60% shares in total fertilizer consumption
  19. The total irrigation potential in India increased from 81.1 million hectare in 1991-92 to - 108 millin hectare in march 2010
  20. National Food Security Mission is presently being implemented in : 312 districts (17 states)
  21. Silk Development initiative was operationalised in -May 2007
  22. Angora wool is obtained from breed of -rabbit or goat found in jammu and kashmir
  23. The crops to be covered under the national Food security Mission are- pulses ,Rice,and wheat
  24. As per quaterly estimates ( July-sept ,2011) Agriculture ,forestry and fishing sector registered - 3.2% growth
  25. Renewable energy can be obtained from-  Biomass
  26. What is Indo-sulphan- A pesticide
  27. The anti-malarial Quinine is made from - Plant Cincona
  28. Cutting and peeling of onions brings tears to the eyes because of the presence of- Sulphur in the cell
  29. The largest flower in the world is -rafflesia
  30. an agriculture method developed by ancient cultures from separating grain from chaff is called-Wind winnowing
  31. A tree that loses its leaves or needles during the fall and winter is called-Deciduous Tree
  32. IPPC stands for- International Plant Protection Convention

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