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Of all the basic concepts of social, economic, moral and political philosophy, none is more
confusing and baffling than the concept of equality because it figures in all other concepts like
justice, liberty, rights, property, etc. During the last two thousand years, many dimensions of
equality have been elaborated by Greeks, Stoics, Christian fathers who separately and collectively
stressed on its one or the other aspect. Under the impact of liberalism and Marxism, equality
acquired an altogether different connotation. Contemporary social movements like feminism,
environmentalism are trying to give a new meaning to this concept.
Basically, equality is a value and a principle essentially modern and progressive. Though the
debate about equality has been going on for centuries, the special feature of modern societies
is that we no longer take inequality for granted or something natural. Equality is also used as
a measure of what is modern and the whole process of modernisati…