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Sociology Glossary

Arithmetic progression: See ‘progression - arithmetic’
Assimilation: A process of cultural unification and homogenisation by which newly
entering or subordinate groups lose their distinctive culture and adopt the culture of
the dominant majority. Assimilation may be forced or voluntary, and usually
remains incomplete or blocked where the subordinate or entering group is not
accorded full membership on equal terms. For example, if an immigrant
community is discriminated against by the dominant majority, and is not allowed to
Authoritarianism: A system of government that does not derive its legitimacy from the
people. Not a democratic or republican form of government.
Birth Control: The use of techniques of contraception to prevent conception and birth.
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing): A practice whereby a particular part of the
production process or component of a service industry is contracted out to be
performed by a third party. For example, a telephone company that …