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Racism, Colonialism and Human Rights

The issues grouped in this section are close to India’s heart. Foremost among them is the racism—
the controversy centred on South Africa’s official policy of racial discrimination. In the very first
session of the General Assembly, India took up the matter and mobilised support from the world
community to pressure South Africa to end apartheid. India worked hard to build an anti-apartheid
coalition in world politics that did not hesitate to launch actions like ban on participation in sports
events, ban on participation in international forums and ban on sale of military equipment, to
pressurise the White minority government of South Africa. In this context, it is a matter of great
satisfaction that in 1993- South Africa declared itself apartheid-free following which a freely
elected democratic government assumed power under the leadership of Nelson Mandela,
Mahatma Gandhi’s spiritual heir.
India is credited for taking up liberation of subject population, i.e. the peoples under the y…