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Q. Is the National Development Council a constitutional body ? What are its functions?

Ans. The National Development Council was set up in 1952 to cooperate with and advise the Planning Commission. It was also created by a resolution of the Government of India. It is also not a constitutional bod’. It may be termed as an extra- consitutional body. The National Development Council is headed by the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers of all the States are its members. Since 1967, the Administ rators of all the Union Territories are also given the membership of the N. D.C. The main functions of the counc il are—
(1) to monitor the functioning of national plans from time to time;
(2) to suggest measures and ways for effectively achieving the targets of plans; and
(3) to consider and approve the Five Year Plans in order to ensure an all India and balanced perspective in the plans.