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Q. Does the President of India enjoy the right to veto the Bills passed by Parliament?

Ans. The purpose behind the Executive Veto is to check the hasty and ill considered passing of legislation by the Parliament. The President of India does not enjoy right to veto to the extent it is enjoyed by the American President. However, the President of India can exercise the right to veto over the Bills passed by Parliament in some situations—(i) If the President declares that he withholds his assent from a Bill, such Bill shall lapse. Generally, this type of veto is exercised by the President over the Bills initiated by private members of Parliament. In the case of government Bills, the Council of Ministers may advise the President for approval of a Bill. However if the Council of Ministers resigns during the pendency of a Bill before the President and the new Council of Ministers advises the President to veto such Bill, it will be considered constitutional and legal. (ii) If the President returns a Bill for the reconsideration of Parliament and such Bill is again passed by Par…