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Q. What are the freedoms available to citizens under the Fundamental Rights ? Are those freedoms unlimited?

Ans. Originally, seven freedoms were provided in Article 19(1) of the Constitution, but. in 1978, by 44th Constitution Amendment right to acquire and dispose property was deleted from the Constitution. Thus, at present. there are only six types of freedom available to Indian citizens under the Fundamental Rights, which are given below-
All Citizens of India shall have the right—
(a) to freedom of speech and expression;
b) to assemble peacefully and without arms:
(c) to form associations or unions:
(d) to move freely throughout the the territory of India;
(e) to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India: and
(1) to practice any profession. or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.
These freedoms are available only to Indian citizens. Also, these arc not absolute and unlimited. The Constitution has authorised the Slate to impose reasonable restrictions on these freedom in the larger interest .

of general public. Sections (2) and (6) of Article 19 itself describe these re S …