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Q. What is meant by right to equality of opportunity In public employment? What are its exceptions?

Ans. The provisions regarding right to equal opportunity in public employment arc contained in Article 16 of the Constitution. These provisions are—
(1) Every citizen shall enjoy equality of opportunity in public employment.
(2) No citizen shall be discriminated against in the public employment under the Stale only on the grounds of religion, race, caste, place of birth, descent or residence or any of them.
(3) However, Parliament may by law provide for making residence as one of the eligibility conditions for public employment in a State.
(4) The State is empowered to make any provision for the reservation of appointments or posts in favour of any backward class of citizen which, in the opinion of’ the State, is not adequately represented in the services of the State.
(5) The Seventy-Seven (Constitution) Amendment Act, 1995. further broadens the scope of this provision. Thus, the State can make any provision for reservation is matters of promotion to any class or classes of posts in the s…