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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Q. What are the Cut Motions in Parliament?

Ans. The Cut Motions are introduced by the members of the Lok Sabha during the passing of the Budget in the House. These motions are of three kinds—
1. Disapproval of policy Cut Motion
2. Economy Cut Motion
3. Token Cut Motion
1. Disapproval of the policy of Cut Motion—The policy Cut Motion is introduced by members to oppose the policy underlying the Budget proposals. The member will highlight that aspect of the policy which is not approved by him. The discussion on the motion will also be confined only to that aspect of’ the policy, which is opposed by the member. The wording of the Disapproval of the policy of Cut Motion goes like, ‘that the amount of demand be reduced to Re.
2. Economy Cut Motion—it seeks to reduce. the demand by a specific sum in order to effect economy in the expenditure. this motion is worded like, “that the amount of demand be reduced by ...... (the specified amount is mentioned here)”. The specified sum may be a total abolition of a demand of grant or it may be sum to be reduced from the demand for grant. The discussion on the motion is centered around the ways of reducing the expenditure.
3. Token Cut Motion—This is the most prevalent form of Cut Motions. The objective of Token Cut Motion is to voice a particular grievance for which the government is responsible. The form of a Token Cut Motion is like, “that the amount of

demand be reduced by Rs. 100”. The discussion on the Token Cut Motion shall be confined to that grievance only which is sought to be ventilated by the member.
Generally the ruling party in the House will not allow the admission and passing of Cut Motions. The Cut Motions are admitted with the prior permission of the Chair. And if the Chair finds it as a way of obstructing the proceedings of the House, he may not allow the introduction of such motions.

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