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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quicker Maths

It is the verbal series. Learn how to crack maths efficiently. Think as simple as possible.

Explanation is in details so you can easily grasp the concept...

Example 1

2024 ÷ 16 x 17.8 x55  and options are
970.5     1010         1075.5             1105.5               none

what will be answer.

explanation :    which operation should be done first   division or multiplication .
ans is division .

55x17.8 be approximately 900( actual value is 979)   and  2024 ÷ 16  will be 100( actually its value is 126.5)

and minimum value of given question must be greater than 90000 and answer will be none.

what to note down : in first look,you can pick correct answer without bothering about the real value. Here finding wrong is easy and lead to correct answer within 30 seconds maximum and you save 30 seconds in flat. this 30 second will helpful in some tricky questions.

So use wise adjustment.

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