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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Civil Services Prelims Exam 2011 .Paper 1(Solved ) -General Studies part 7/7

91. In term of economy, the visit by foreign nationals to witness the

XIX Commonwealth Games in
India amounted to—
(A) Export
(B) import
(C) Production
(D) Consumption
92. Microbial fuel cells are cons idered a source of sustainable energy. Why?
1. They use living organism as catalysts to generate electricity from certain subs trates.
2. They use a variety of inorg anic materials as subs trates.
3. They can be installed in waste water treatment plants to cleanse water and produce electricity.
Which of the statements given
above is / are correct?
(A) lonly
(B) 2and3onIy
(C) land3only
(D) 1,2and3
93. Which one of the following statem ents appropriately describes the ‘Fiscal Stimulus’?
(A) It is a massive investment by the Government in manu facturing sector to ensure the supply of goods to meet the demand surge caused by rapid economic growth
(B) It is an intense affirmative action of the Government to boost economic activity in the country
(C) It is Government’s intensive action on financial institutions to ensure disbursement of loans to agriculture and allied sectors to promote greater food production and contain food inflation
(D) It is an extreme affirmative action by the Government to pursue its policy of financial inclusion
94. The formation of ozone hole in the Antarctic region has been a cause of concern. What could be the reason for the formation of this hole?
(A) Presence of prominent tropospheric turbulence; and inflow of chlorofluorocarbons

(B) Presence of prominent polar front and stratospheric clouds; and inflow of chloroflurocarbons
(C) Absence of polar front and stratospheric clouds; and inflow of methane and chlorofluoroc arbons
(D) Increased temperature at polar region due to global warmi ng
95. Consider the following actions which the Government can take—
1. Devaluing the domestic currency.
2. Reduction in the export subsidy.
3. Adopting suitable policies which attract greater FDI and more funds from Fils.
Which of the above action / actions can help in reducing the current account deficit?
(A) land 2 (B) 2and3
(C) 3only (D) land3
96. The Constitution (Seventy-Third Amendment) Act, 1992, which aims at promoting the Panchay ati Raj Institutions in the country, provides for which of the following?
1. Constitution of District Planning Committees.
2. State Election Commissions to conduct all panchayat elections.
3. Establishment of State Finance Commissions.
Select the correct answer using
the codes given below—
(A) I only
(B) land2only
(C) 2and3only
(D) 1,2and3
97. Two important rivers—one with its source in Jharkhand (and known by a different name in Odisha), and another with its source in Odisha—rnerge at a place only a short distance from the coast of Bay of Bengal before flowing into the sea. This is an important site of wildlife and biodiversity and a protected area. Which one of the following could be this?

(A) Bhitarkanika
(B) Chand ipu r-on -sea
(C) Gopalpur-on-sea
(D) Simlipal
98. A rapid increase in the rate of inflation is sometimes attributed to the ‘Base Effect’. What is ‘Base Effect’?
(A) It is the impact of drastic deficiency in supply due to failure of crops
(B) It is the impact of the surge in demand due to rapid econom ic growth
(C) It is the impact of the price levels of previous year on the calculation of inflation rate
(D) None of the statements (A), (B) and (C) given above is correct in this context
99. India is regarded as a country with ‘Demographic Divided’. This is due to—
(A) Its high population in the age group below 15 years
(B) Its high population in the age group of 15-64 years
(C) Its high population in the age group above 65 years
(D) Its high total population
100. Regarding ‘Carbon credits’, which one of the following statements is not correct?
(A) The Carbon credit system was ratified in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol
(B) Carbon credits are awared ed to countries or groups that have reduced greenhouse gases below their emission quota
(C) The goal of the Carbon credit system is to limit the increase of carbon dioxide emission
(D) Carbon credits are traded at a price fixed from time to time by the United Nations Environment Programme

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