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Friday, February 25, 2011

Paleoclimatology is a branch of science that deals with the study of climate change taken on the scale of the entire history of Earth. It uses records from following sources to determine the past state of the climate system on Earth.
Tree Rings 
Glacial Ice Cores 
Ocean Sediments - The ratio of oxygen 16 to oxygen 18 preserved in the steady rain of dead organisms. 
Radiocarbon dates of organic material 
Pollen samples found in packrat middens and lake bed samples. 
Variations in desert varnish coatings found on rocks in the arid southwest 
Variations found in peatbog deposits 
Sedimentary rock records.

Abyssal Plain

It is also known as deep sea plane. It usually the level of the ocean floor which lies between about 3500 m & 5500 m below the surface of the ocean. The trenches, mid ocean ridges sea mounts, often break the regularity of the abyssal plane. The plane is composed of ooze or red clay. The temperature doesn’t exceed 4 degree centigrade.

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