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What is SFIO?The SFIO(Serious Fraud Investgation Office)is a multi-disciplinary organization under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, consisting of experts in the filed of accountancy, forensic auditing, law, information technology, investigation, company law, capital market and taxation for detecting and prosecuting or recommending for prosecution white-collar crimes/frauds.
Satyam fraud was investigated by SFIO.What are Luther L Terry awards related to?Luther L. Terry Awards, created to honor exemplary individual and organizational achievements in the field of tobacco control and prevention throughout the world. The 2009 Luther L. Terry Awards ceremony was hosted by the American Cancer Society at the 14th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health (WCTOH) in Mumbai, India, on March 11, 2009. Recently this award has been given to K Vishvanath Reddy. What is STPF? Special Tiger Protection force which has been set up for wild life conservation.STPF has been set up by following the directives of …
What is a Papal Bull? Papal Bull is the term used for a special kind of letters patent or charter issued by a Pope and named for the seal. A bulla is a seal. Papal Bull was named after the bulla that was appended to the end in order to authenticate it. They have been used by Pope for various kinds of communications since 6th century but after 15th century they are mostly used in formal and solemn of occasions. It is issued by Vatican Chancery in the name of the Pope.Who are natural persons and legal persons? A natural person may be defined as a normal human being. The first necessary for a normal human being is to be a legal person is that he / she must be recognized as possessing sufficient status to enable him or her to possess rights and duties. The individual should be born alive and should posses human characteristics. A child in the mother's womb is by legal fiction as already born. (A legal fiction is a fact or situation assumed or created by courts). If he/ she is born ali…

Statistics Basics

Statistics Basics

1.1 What is Statistics
1.2 Uses
1.3 Distrust of Statistics
1.4 Statistics can be misused
1.5 Types of Statistics
1.6 Common mistakes committed in interpretation of Statistics
1.7 Glossary Of Terms

1.1 What is Statistics
The word 'Statistics' is derived from the Latin word 'Statis' which means a "political state." Clearly, statistics is closely linked with the administrative affairs of a state such as facts and figures regarding defense force, population, housing, food, financial resources etc. What is true about a government is also true about industrial administration units, and even one’s personal life.
The word statistics has several meanings. In the first place, it is a plural noun which describes a collection of numerical data such as employment statistics, accident statistics, population statistics, birth and death, income and expenditure, of exports and imports etc. It is in this sense that the word 'statistics' is used by a l…
Human Development Report, 2009 Challenges Migration MisconceptionsThe Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of a country’s human development. It measures the average achievements in a country in three basic dimensions:
a long and healthy life, as measured by life expectancy at birth; access to knowledge, as measured by the adult literacy rate and the combined gross enrolment ratio in education; and a decent standard of living, as measured by GDP per capita in purchasing power parity (PPP) US dollars.2009 HDI—which uses data for 2007—has been calculated for 182 countries. Three new countries have been included: Andorra and Liechtenstein, both for the first time ever, and Afghanistan, for the first time since 1996. The results presented in the report take account of both new data and revisions to past series. It is important to note that these HDI results, based on 2007 data, do not reflect the effects of the global economic crisis, which is expected to have massive impacts…

Current General Knowledge: December 2009

Current General Knowledge: December 2009 AVIATION
Solar-powered aircraft  to create flight history
History is being created inside a hangar at Dubendorf Air Base (Switzerland) that will radically change the way an aircraft flies. The prototype of an aircraft, to be propelled entirely by solar power even at night, has already been successfully tested for a ‘flea hop’ or a short flight at this airbase.

Scientists and engineers are working full-steam to fly the aircraft around the world for 36 hours through day and night in the spring or summer of 2010.

Indian engineers and students have also shown a keen interest in being part of this historic feat but are yet to become part of the 70-member team which is working on making the project a reality.

The aircraft, bearing call sign HB-SIA, has a weight of only 1,600 kg but has a wingspan of 63 metre, length of 21.85 metre and 6.4 metre height. Its weight can be compared to a family car and the engine power to a scooter’s. It generates powe…