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Indian Polity and Constitution 2

Indian Polity and Constitution 2 Who can  recommend or abolish creation of Legislative council in a state : Legislative Assembly of the State The Constitution of India borrowed the Concept of the Directive Principles of State policy from the constitution of : IrelandUnder which article has the Supreme Court been Given the Power to review any judgment pronounced or order made by it previously? –Article 137 A member elected to the Lok-sabha as a candidate of a party crosses the floor of the House. What happens in such a case?   -He ceases to be a member of the House whether or not he resigns his membership The Right to property was excluded from the fundamental Rights During the tenure of government Headed by : Morarji DesaiThe first official language commission  as required under article 344 of the constitution was constituted by the president in : 1955 with B.G.Kher as the chairmanWhich authority should an Indian citizen Approach for securing his fundamental right of personal …