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Question-answer 9 from orkut

Q182- With what sport Deepika Pallikal is associated with?
ans 182 squash
q 183 in voting for seven wonder las year which wonder stood seventh : great wall of china
Q185 which is cultural capital of India? : Bhopal
Q 186 who proposed party less Democracy: Mahatma Gandhi.
Question 187: Which Indian President wrote 'My Presidential years'? - R. Venkataraman

QUES 188- What was CADEX-2009? : CADEX 2009 was a military training exercise between the Indian Navy, Sri Lankan Navy and the Indian coast guard
Question 189: According to the quick estimates of CSO released on 30th Jan, 2009-what is the per capita income of India in 2007-08? : Rs 33,283.
QUES 193- VISCERAL MYOPATHY , a rare disease, affects which part of body? it effects duodenum.

Question 194. The water comes to Indira Gandhi Canal from the River/s : Sutlej and Beas
Q 195 From where Indira Gandhi canal starts from?: It starts from the Harike Barrage and ends near Jaisalmer, a total of almost 650 kms.
Q196: In which part of the world…