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Question-answer 9

The National Party of India which celebrated recently its 125th foundation day is: Indian National congress
The Indian national congress (INC) was founded on December 28, 1885 by A.O.Hume.
The Japanese Prime minister who recently visited India is: Yukio Hatoyama
Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama arrived in India on December 28.2009 .During His Visit a joint statement aiming at Strengthening bilateral cooperation on various global issues was issued.
The Sahitya Akademi's Bhasha Samman for 2008 has been Given to : Vishwanath khaire and surendranath satpathy
The Sahitya Akademi has given its prestigious Nhasha Samman 2008 to Vishwanath Khaire and Surendranath Satpathy in the field of Classical and medieval literature.
The CNN-IBN Indian of the year is : A.R.Rahman

the Oscar winner music director A.R.Rahman has been Conferred the CNN-IBN Indian of the year award for 2009 by prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh recently in New Delhi.
The writer who has won Sahitya akademi award in …


Intelligence is a key construct employed to know how individuals differ from one another. It also provides an understanding of how people adapt their behaviour according to the environment they live in. In this section, you will read about intelligence in its various forms. Psychological notion of intelligence is quite different from the common sensical notion of intelligence. If you watch an intelligent person, you are likely to see in her/him attributes like mental alertness, ready wit, quickness in learning, and ability to understand relationships. The Oxford Dictionary explains intelligence as the power of perceiving, learning, understanding, and knowing. Early intelligence theorists also used these attributes in defining intelligence. Alfred Binet was one of the first psychologists who worked on intelligence. He defined intelligence as the ability to judge well, understand well, and reason well. Wechsler, whose intelligence tests are most widely used, understood inte…


Individual variations are common within and across all species. Variations add colour and beauty to nature. For a moment, think of a world around you where each and every object is of the same colour, say red or blue or green. How would the world appear to you? Certainly not a beautiful one! Would you prefer to live in such a world? In all likelihood, your answer will be ‘no’. Like objects, people too possess different combinations of traits. Variability is a fact of nature, and individuals are no exception to this. They vary in terms of physical characteristics, such as height, weight, strength, hair colour, and so on. They also vary along psychological dimensions. They may be intelligent or dull, dominant or submissive, creative or not so creative, outgoing or withdrawn, etc. The list of variations can be endless. Different traits can exist in varying degrees in an individual. In this sense, each one of us is unique as s/he exemplifies a t…