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Question-Answer part 5

What is VORTEX2?

Answer: Vortex 2 is the largest and most ambitious effort ever made to understand tornadoes. VORTEX stands for Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment.

What is the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme?

Answer: it is a central sector scheme to provide scholarship to SC/ST student to pursue studies in higher education. it was launched in 2005-06

Name the place where international festival of films on tribal art and culture was organized in 2009?

Answer: Bhopal (M.P.)

When was the first environmental legislation passed in India?

it was environment protection act 1986 which dealt with environmental pollution comprehensively

Name the sportsperson who was awarded sportsman of the year 2009 by laureus academy?

Answer: Jamaica's Usain Bolt

What is HAL developed in japan?

Answer: it is hybrid assistive leg

Name the countries participated in MALABAR-2007?

Answer: India, United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore

ho is Belinda wright

Answer: Belinda is the…