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Accountability and control part 2

Built in technique in parliamentary procedure
general techniques – employed for both financial and other matters:

Law making: Under the concept of delegated legislation, parliamentary lays down the policies or laws in broad and general terms (in skeleton form) and authorizes the executive to make detailed rules and regulations. But the condition is that these delegated legislations are to be placed before parliament for its examinations .through is condition, parliament exercises control over admin.
2. Questions: it is a very powerful technique of effective control. A question is a request made by a member of legislative for an oral/written explanation from the concerned minister with a notice. With a notice about 10 days (shorts notice).Almost any act of the Government (or the Admin) can be made subject of a question.

On the floor of the house, it is the minister who answers the questions, but the answers are actually prepared by OFFICIALS of the concerned department. Therefore i…