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Tertiary and quaternary services

Tertiary activities are related to service sector.
Manpower is important component of service sector.
Tertiary service is performed by skilled labor, trained experts and consultants. 
tertiary service involve both :
Exchange and;  Production

production involves "provision" of services that consumed. Output measured in terms of wages and salaries.
Exchange. Involves trade, transport and communication facilities.
Tertiary activity, involve the commercial output of services.
Difference from secondary activities: mode of expertise. service sector vs  manufacturing sector
types of tertiary activities:

 Trade and commerce:  trade is essentially buying and selling of items .for profit. Done at trading places.  Trading places may divide into: rural and urban marketing places.
A rural marketing place caters to nearby settlements.
Periodic market is found where no regular market is available.
Urban market place is more advanced. 
Retail Trading services: :   retailing 
wholesale : bulk trading…