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Fundamentals of human-geography: Chapter 1::: Nature & scope of Human Geography

The Earth comprise 2 components :    
Nature ( physical surroundings )
Livings ( animal, plants, micro-organism which include Human-species also)
In Physical Geography , we study physical surroundings(environment )
In Human-Geography we study about "the relation between physical/natural world and human-beings, the spatial distribution of human-distribution and how they come about, the social and economic differences between different parts of the world ".
Some Definitions of human Geography
" Human geography is the synthetic
study of relationship between human societies and earth's surface " : Ratzel
"Human geography is the study of "the changing relationship between the unresting man and the unstable Earth." : Ellen C. Semple Dynamism is key word in Semple's definition
"Conception resulting from a more synthetic knowledge of the physical law governing our Earth and of the relati…