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Question-Answer part 5


  1. What is VORTEX2?

    Vortex 2 is the largest and most ambitious effort ever made to understand tornadoes. VORTEX stands for Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment.


  2. What is the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme?

    it is a central sector scheme to provide scholarship to SC/ST student to pursue studies in higher education. it was launched in 2005-06


  3. Name the place where international festival of films on tribal art and culture was organized in 2009?

    Bhopal (M.P.)


  4. When was the first environmental legislation passed in India?

    it was environment protection act 1986 which dealt with environmental pollution comprehensively


  5. Name the sportsperson who was awarded sportsman of the year 2009 by laureus academy?

    Jamaica's Usain Bolt


  6. What is HAL developed in japan?

    it is hybrid assistive leg


  7. Name the countries participated in MALABAR-2007?

    India, United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore


  8. ho is Belinda wright

    Belinda is the founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) Belinda has spent her entire life in India working on wildlife issues, and is one of India's leading wildlife conservationists. She works actively to increase the dialogue & communication on Indian Wildlife conservation issues, especially Indian Tigers.


  9. What are Lakshya and Nishant?

    Lakshya and Nishant are UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) of IAF (Indian Air Force). They are also known as pilotless aircraft.


  10. To whom does the speaker of Rajya sabha tender his/her resignation letter?

    president of India

  11. What are the largest phyla of animals?



  12. Who is the present secretary of UPSC?

    Alok rawat is present secretary of UPSC & DP agrawal is chairman of UPSC


  13. Who is the writer of "India's fragile borderland"

    Archana Upadhyaya


  14. Where in free India where elections were held on the basis of universal adult franchisee?

    its Manipur (a union territory) where elections where held for the first time


  15. In cricket history how many times match cancelled due 2 bad pitch n d ply?

    it is four times two times odi and two times test matches


  16. what is the composition of gun cotton

    GUN COTTON, an explosive substance produced by the action of strong nitric acid on cellulose at the ordinary temperature, chemically it is a nitrate of cellulose, or a mixture of nitrates. The first step in the history of guncotton was made by T. J. Pelouze in 1838.


  17. Zangger committee also known as nuclear exporters committee, sprang from which constitutional article?

    The Zangger Committee, also known as the "NPT Exporters Committee", essentially contributes to the interpretation of article III, paragraph 2, of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and thereby offers guidance to all parties to the Treaty.


  18. What is SWAN being implemented in 28 states and 6 union territories?

    it is state wide area network


  19. Who is shobha karandalje?

    she is former Karnataka Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and now is working as a social activist against ENDOSULFAN, an organ chlorine pesticide, used as an aerial spray on cashew plantations.


  20. Where is WUNCHUEI and why is it in news recently!

    wunchuei region is in southern Sudan and here around 90 people were killed in 1st week of January this year. The killed ones were Danka people who were killed by nuer community.


  21. who is the chairperson of BARC?

    Srikumar Banerjee... He is currently serving as the Chairman Atomic Energy Commission of India - (AECI) and the Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy ('DAE')


  22. Which union minister in the present cabinet that belongs to the kingdom of paramharas of dara??

    sharad pawar - union minister for agriculture belongs to the dara family



  23. Where was world scrabble championship held during nov 2009???



  24. Which community has the highest literacy rate in terms of religion in India?


    it is Jain then Christians Jains 94.1% Christians 80.3% then Buddhists 72.3% then Sikhs 69%


  25. Which Indian company won the wall street journal award this year and for what?

    Vihaan Networks Ltd., an Indian telecommunications company known as VNL, won the Bronze award for a solar-powered base station to bring cellphone access to remote rural villages. The inexpensive base station can be quickly assembled and set up by unskilled villagers and can run entirely on the built-in solar panels and batteries.




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