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Question-answer 9 from orkut

Q182- With what sport Deepika Pallikal is associated with?
ans 182 squash
q 183 in voting for seven wonder las year which wonder stood seventh : great wall of china

Q185 which is cultural capital of India? : Bhopal

Q 186 who proposed party less Democracy: Mahatma Gandhi.

Question 187: Which Indian President wrote 'My Presidential years'? - R. Venkataraman

QUES 188- What was CADEX-2009? : CADEX 2009 was a military training exercise between the Indian Navy, Sri Lankan Navy and the Indian coast guard

Question 189: According to the quick estimates of CSO released on 30th Jan, 2009-what is the per capita income of India in 2007-08? : Rs 33,283.

QUES 193- VISCERAL MYOPATHY , a rare disease, affects which part of body? it effects duodenum.

Question 194. The water comes to Indira Gandhi Canal from the River/s : Sutlej and Beas

Q 195 From where Indira Gandhi canal starts from?: It starts from the Harike Barrage and ends near Jaisalmer, a total of almost 650 kms.

Q196: In which part of the world an economic organization SELA works? : Latin America

Q197 : Who is the chairman of Insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA) ? j harinarayan

Q198: cox bazar is found in which country? : In Bangladesh

Q199: Institute of women's studies is in which city? : It is in Lucknow

Q200: 2nd nationalization of bank took place in : second nationalisation took place in 1980

Q201: Which state was the biggest receiver of central govt funds granted for urban poor under the SWARNA JAYANTI SHAHARI ROZGAR YOJNA for the year 2009-10? : Maharashtra

Q202 : national health policy was formulated in : 1983

Q204: when and where was the first NAM summit held?? : In Belgrade in September 1961

Q205: What is a Customs union and which is the world's oldest customs union? : It is trade agreement by which a group of countries charges a common set of tariffs to the rest of the world while allowing free trade among them. Southern African Custom Union (SACU) is the world's oldest custom union

Q206 Highest mass of earth is at the? At the equator

Q.207. Sualkuchi in Assam is famous for? Cottage handloom industries for which it is also known as the "Manchester of the East".

Q208: which are the countries located at horn of Africa? The five countries that make up the Horn of Africa is Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and last Somalia in some cases Sudan and other neighboring nations.

Q209: Why the place Sukna was recently in news? Land Scam.

Q210: Who is the chairman of the Company Law Board? Dilip Rao Saheb Deshmukh

Q211: writer of "The complaints".: "The Complaints" by Ian Rankin .

Q212: Who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank? : Denis Hughes.

Q213: smile pinki director? megan mylan

Q214: name of NATO secretary: secretary general of NATO -Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Q215-when is the National Science day celebrated in India? : National science day is celebrated 28th Feb of every year.

Q216: name the BASIC country. : Brazil, India. China and South Africa

Q-216(b). Where is the 16th SAARC summit scheduled to be held? Maldives (males)

Q217: which day on 2 Feb: world wetland day

Q218: what is NEMPF? Where it is going to be held? North-East MP forum..
Sikkim will host the first ever conference of the North-East MP Forum

Q219: Which commission recommended for the abolition of the I.A.S and the I.P.S?: Rajmannar committee

Q220: who was the president of INC when India got independence: J.B, kripalani

Q221: what is "IPCC": intergovernmental panel on climate change

Q221 (b): what is "Indian IPCC"? :
Indian network for climate change assessment is known as INDIAN IPCC.

UN body, with its biases, seemed incapable of original and genuine research. it was the commenty of jairam ramesh for ipcc. hence he announced to set up indian ipcc. New agency would have a pan-IIT network as its backbone. He said it would be formed out of the fledgling Indian Network for Comprehensive Climatic Change Assessment. Once full-fledged, the new body would comprise 250 scientists from diverse disciplines and would leverage resources to produce a series of annual assessments for different sectors.

Q222: author of "unaccustomed earth": Jhumpa Lahiri

Q223 : Which one of the following regions of the world supplies the maximum of our imported commodities (in terms of rupee value)?
(a) Africa (b) America (c) Asia and Oceania (d) Europe: Europe

Q224: in which year Stockholm convention came into force in India? : The Stockholm Convention came into force in 2006

Q225: what is omid and safir? : Safir is a Iranian rocket which placed omid satellite in space, may be Iran's first domestically made

Q226: what is umoja project of United Nations: it's for Nigeria - a pilot project - umoja is for orphaned children and fighting AIDS

Q227: which university has largest no. of Nobel laureates?: University of California , 51 Prizes

Q228: which company is largest manufacturer of aero plane? Boeing

Q229: what is the name of largest aircraft? : Airbus 380

Q230: which three rivers cleaning will be taken up under global initiative for river cleaning? : Yamuna, Potomac and Yangtze


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