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Question answer 6

  1. Who are lord Parekh and Ruby Dhalla and why were they in news recently?

    Answer: Canadian Member of Parliament Ruby Dhalla feels that the Indian government should address some of the concerns of non-resident Indians to connect with them in a more meaningful way and Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University Of Westminster, UK was in news about his work "A New Politics of Identity".

  2. What was aim of 8th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas and where it was held and small-boat building capital of India is?

    Answer: the aim is focus on infrastructure, farming and healthcare... And held in New Delhi ...
    the small-boat building capital of India is Mandvi... it's the coastal town in Gujarat...
    Mandvi's boatbuilding industry is worth over Rs 300 crore at present. It is expected to touch Rs 1,000 crore by 2012.

  3. Where is India's largest solar steam cooking system located??

    Answer: SHRIDHI ; Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

  4. What is NFHS and when was it conducted for the first time?

    Answer: it national family health survey and for the first time it was conducted in 1992-93.
    The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Government of India, designated the International Institute for Population Sciences(IIPS), Mumbai, as the nodal agency of this survey. The funding for different rounds of NFHS has been provided by USAID, DFID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, UNFPA, and MOHFW, GO

  5. Where India's first was multiple stem cell operation was conducted?

    Answer: Nilratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.

  6. What is Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB)?

    Answer: IRB is a reserve police force raised on the lines of paramilitary forces. Recently Kerala govt has decided to establish one

  7. Where is waida institute of Himalayan geology?

    Answer: Dehradun

  8. Who was the founder of Khudai Khidmatgars (Red Shirts) movement?

    Answer: frontier Gandhi; Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

  9. How many seats of Rajya sabha are shared by Delhi?

    Answer: 3 seats

  10. Which 3 PSUs are proposed to be given the MAHARATNA status recently and what the criteria are set by the govt for granting this status

    Answer: The three PSUs for Maharatna status are: - SAIL, ONGC and NTPC.

  11. What are the criteria set by the Govt. for granting status of MAHARATNA to PSUs?

    Answer: The criteria set by the govt is that the PSU should have the 3 year track record of annual net profit of over Rs. 5000 crore, net worth of Rs. 15000 crore and turnover of Rs. 25000 crore.

  12. Who has been appointed Protem Speaker by President Pratibha Patil?

    Answer: Manikrao Gavit

  13. In which region is the Daulatbeg Oldi Airbase?

    Answer: Daulatbaig oldi airbase is in ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir

  14. Name the country which has replaced USA as India's biggest investment partner?

    Answer: Mauritius

  15. His former president of India has been chosen to receive the prestigious 2008 hoover medal for his outstanding public service?

    Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  16. When and where the first convention of parties (COP-1) of UNFCCC was held?

    Answer: in berlin from 25 March to 1 Apr. 1995

  17. What is lac?

    Answer: Line of Actual Control
    LINE OF ACTUAL CONTROL IS THE EFFECTIVE BORDER BETWEEN INDIA AND CHINA.....The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is the effective border between India and China. The LAC is 4,057-km long and traverses three areas of northern Indian states: western (Ladakh, Kashmir), middle (Uttarakhand, Himachal) and eastern (Sikkim, Arunachal).[1] Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai first used the phrase in a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Nehru dated October 24, 1959.

  18. The location {23.6° N 69.8° E} lies in which Indian state?

    Answer: Bhuj, Gujarat, India. It was the epicenter of the 2001 earthquake.

  19. Microscope for objects 20,000 times thinner than hair, named?

    Answer: Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM).

  20. Who introduced Environment Ministry for the first time in his /her government ?( question is relevant in current scenario)

    Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

  21. What is JWST?

    Answer: JWST is an acronym for the James Webb Space Telescope which will be a large infrared telescope with 6.5 meter primary mirror. It is an international collaboration between NASA, European space agency and Canadian space agency. It will be launched in 2014.

  22. Who has been awarded the 2009 Golden pen of freedom?

    Answer: nazam sethi Pakistani reporter

  23. Who is William Hogarth?

    Answer: William Hogarth was one of the famous English painters and engraver. He was one of the leading British artists of first half of 18th century. William Hogarth (10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764) was a major English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic and editorial cartoonist.

  24. Sutherland Falls is in which country?

    Answer: Sutherland falls is in new Zealand

  25. Why kalapatter plateau was in news recently?

    Answer: Madhav Kumar, PM of Nepal organized a meeting with his 22 cabinet ministers at kalapatter plateau ( 5262 m ) and passed a resolution to highlight the negative impacts of global warming.

    Answer: Bilafond La is also known as the Saltoro Pass

    It is a mountain pass situated on Saltoro Ridge, immediately west of the vast Siachen Glacier. Bilafond La was at the center of the Siachen Conflict between India and Pakistan until the Indian Army captured the pass along with Sia La.[1] India currently maintains a fortified military base at Bilafond La.

  27. Who wrote the book "The Rediscovery of India"?

    Answer: Meghnad Desai.

  28. Name was recently in news Alberto Fujimori belongs to which country?

    Answer: served as President of Peru from July 28, 1990, to November 17, 2000

  29. Director General of UNESCO?

    Answer: Irina bokova

  30. Currently WTO has how many members and which was the last country to join WTO?

    Answer: Cape Verde is the last country to join WTO.
    Ukraine joined WTO in May 2008 while Cape Verde joined WTO in July 2008


    Defense minister during India-china war was shri V.K. Krishna menon
    Najam sethi a Pakistani editor in chief of daily times, Friday times and aaj kal.
    US led companies are allocated sites at chhayamithi viodhi in Gujarat kovvada in A.P (nuclear reactor set-ups)
    The sites are Kumharia in Haryana – meant for indigenous reactors; Kakrapar (indigenous reactors) and Chhayamithi Virdi (reactor from US) in Gujarat; Kovvada (reactor from US) in Andhra Pradesh; Haripur (reactor from Russia) in West Bengal; Koodankulam (reactor from Russia) in Tamil Nadu; and Jaitapur (reactor from France) in Maharashtra.


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