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Gk h2

.Union Cabinet has recently approved Extradition Treaty with which country?

 How many indigenous breeds of cattle India Currently possess?

Number of Livestock in India is (Approx)?
When was essentials commodities act enacted?
What is the third largest packed food in India consumed?
What is the rank of India’s market in Alcoholic beverages consumtion?
Which country in south asia shared 62% of It’s global trade with India?
Roger Federer recently won his which Grandslam?
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been appointed as chancellor of which school?
Astra is which kind of missile?
Who is Margaret Chan?

1. What is Deo Parliamentary Committee Probing?

2. How many blocks have been recently decided to award for exploration of oil and gas by the Union Gas & Petroleum Ministry recently?

3. Which lone sailing ship of Indian Navy Has embarked upon voyage of four nations?

4. Who is the winner of ASCA Sooker Invitation Tournament?

5. What is APEDA?

6. Who has been given the Appan Menon Memorial Award 2008-2009?

7. Which country has recently banned Indian Drug Company Ranbaxy’s Products?

8. Who won recently Murugappa Gold Cup?

9. Which are the two institutes chosen for Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Science & Technology Award?

10. What is the meaning of a secular state?

11. In which types of disputes Supreme Court of India Acts as Federal Court?

12. For how long, A joint sitting of both the houses of Parliament may be convened to consider a bill which was passed by one house and pending in another house?

13. The council of Ministers is collectively responsible to whom?

14. What is meaning of Lame Duck Session of Parliament?

15. If a no-confidence motion is passed in Loksabha then what happens?

16. Who elect Vice President?

17. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Independence?

18. Who were the two martyrs , accused for killing English Officers in England and hanged later on?

19. What was the date when Subhash Chandra Bose declared the formation of “interim Government of India”.

20. Who was the first President of Muslim League?

1. Civil Disobedience Law started with which event?
2. Why Gandhi Irwin Pact was criticized?
3. Which was the socialist leader , who ran away from the Hazaribagh Prison and assumed the leadership of Quit India Movent?
4. During whose reign the Gandhara School of Art blossom?
5. Who defeated Harshvardhan on the bank of Narmada?
6. During whose reign Grand Trunk Road was formed?
7. On the bank of which river the city of Vijayanagar is located?
8. What was the capital of Bahamani Kings?
9. Who built Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore?
10. The fort of Tughlaqabad near Delhi was formed by whom?
11. During the battle of Plassi , who was Nawab of Bengal?
12. Who among the Moghul Emperors was a perfect player of Veena?
13. What is a soft currency?
14. What is Greenback?
15. Which company is establishing Oil Refinery at Bhatinda?
16. In which state is located Kanker Ghati Park?
17. Where is Mansarovar lake?
18. Where is Guru Shikhar?
19. What does indicate the color of a star?
20. What is willy willy?
21. What makes international boundary between Tanzania & Uganda?
22. Where is Taylor Valley?
23. Which river is associated with TulBul Project?
24. What is Hypoglycemia?
25. From which part of the plant Opium is derived?
26. Glycogen is tored in which part of the body?
27. Where do we find cartilage in Human Body?
28. During digestion Proteins are broken into what?
29. What is ‘Hit and Hide Virus’
30. Who was the first cricketer to claim 500 wickets in test matches?

1. Breaking Salt Law
2. Lacked provisions of Gandhi Irwin Pact
3. Jaiprakash Narayan
4. Kanishka
5. Pulakesin II
6. Shershah Suri
7. Tungbhadra
8. Gulbarga
9. Raja Raja Chola
10. Ghiyasuddin Tuglaq
11. Sirajuddola
12. Aurangazeb.
13. A currency having a falling exchange rate due to continuing balance of payments deficit.
14. US Dollar is also referred as Greenback.
15. HPCL
16. Chhattisgarh
17. China
18. Guru Shikhar is highest peak of Aravali Mountains located at Mount Abu, in Rajasthan.
19. Its Temperature
20. A Tropical Cyclone at North West Australia
21. Victoria Lake
22. USA
23. Jhelum
24. Low Blood Sugar
25. Dried Latex
26. Liver
27. Nose
28. Amino Acids
29. RSV Virus
30. Courtney Walsh


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