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Ovarian Cancer in Pregnancy: Signs and Treatment

Ovarian cancer usually occurs in women who have reached menopause. Though the probabilities of this form of malignant neoplastic disease during pregnancy are extremely rare like it happens in 1 women out of 18,000, symptoms and signs are same to the ones absent in pregnancy. You can check your your pregnancy on credihealthpregnancy calculator, which estimate pregnancy due date. During an antepartum visit which is a pre-birth routine checkup, an ovarian mass is found. If it reverts to normal after ultrasounds, it is a cyst that occurs because of hormonal issues.
Common Symptoms - The presence of germ cell ovarian tumors and gonadal stromal tumors are the common epithelial ovarian cancers. The removal of tumor is the suggested treatment if the tumor is found only in one ovary. The common symptoms include twisting of the ovary on its blood supply, which is known as torsion, leak, rupture, bleeding or infection. Fortunately, cancer during pregnancy is diagnosed in very early stages. In …
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Elasticity ::

physics is related to nature. Observe the nature and guess the laws that govern it.

elasticity is the properties of matter that is related to applied force and change in internal state of matter

Gk exam ready notes 16self-evaluation and facts

Some Points are hidden as part of quiz exercise. use mouse to highlight text and see the complete answer and self-evaluate
1.The Constitution of India has borrowed most of its provisions from the Constitutions of various countries as well as from the GOI Act, 1935. 2.Government of India Act 1935 - The Federal Scheme, Office of the Governor, Role of federal judiciary, Emergency provisions. 3.UK Constitution - Law making procedures, Parliamentary Government, Rule of Law, Single Citizenship, Cabinet System, Parliamentary Privileges and Bicameralism. 4.US Constitution - Fundamental Rights, Independent judiciary, Judicial review, Procedure for the removal of the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Role of Vice President. 5.Canadian Constitution - Federal system, Federation with strong centre, Residuary powers in the centre. 6.Irish Constitution - Directive Principles of State Policy, The method of the presidential election, Nominating members of Rajya Sabha. 7.Weimar Constitution of Germ…


Gk exam ready notes 15self-evaluation and facts

Some Points are hidden as part of quiz exercise. use mouse to highlight text and see the complete answer and self-evaluate 1.Government of India Act 1935 was formulated by the Joint Committee chaired by Lord Linlithgow. The Committee comprised of both members of the House of Commons and House of Lords and representatives from British India and the princely states. 2.The Act provided for the establishment of the All India Federation consisting of the British Provinces and the Princely States. The joining of the Princely States was voluntary and as a result the federation did not come into existence. 3.The Dyarchy was introduced at the Centre (e.g. Department of Foreign Affairs and Defence were reserved for the Governor General). The other federal subjects were to be administered by the Governor General with the assistance and advice of a council of Ministers to be chosen by him. Residuary powers were to be with the Governor General only. 4.The Federal Legislature i.e. the Central Legislatu…